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Internet Application Hosting

Application Hosting

We are on the verge of a revolution: Information technology everywhere; yet information technology nowhere; all at the same time. We are entering an age where information technology lives in "the cloud” and organizations just tap into it and take what they need.

The days of hiring legions of programmers to build information technology applications from scratch are long gone. Quickly going the way of the "cave man" are expensive and monolithic packaged applications that require massive customization and expensive annual upgrades as well. Companies now have the ability to leverage hosted applications and significantly boost effectiveness and reduce costs.

Using hosted applications organizations don’t own servers, software, or technicians – all these elements are provided by the service provider. The fact that these resources can be shared across a larger base reduces the cost for individual companies. The emergence of computers using multi-core technology and virtualization will further amplify this effect.

In addition, this concentration of resources allows service providers to provide access to better equipment and facilities then most organizations can afford on their own. Single “hop” access to primary Internet backbones, battery back-up, diesel generator, around the clock monitoring, and automated backups are all features that can be cost prohibitive for all but the largest organizations; but are easily affordable for all with hosted applications.


Cendix provides application hosting services for both packaged and custom software applications. Cendix hosts the complete suite of Microsoft applications for business including: Small Business Server, Exchange (email and calendar sharing), SharePoint (file sharing), and SQL Server (relational database); among others. The typical cost of these applications hosted by Cendix, especially after taking into account the cost of servers and technical resources, results in a significant savings for clients. Plus, Cendix has the resources to assure applications constantly operate at peak performance.

Cendix also designs, builds, and supports custom Internet applications to meet the specific design needs of clients. These solutions are often designed around existing base applications such as the Channel Marketing Portal or the Internet Presence Portal and are then customized to meet the specific customer needs. However, Cendix is often called upon to create and host completely custom software applications as well.


Cendix servers are hosted in one of the most advanced co-location facilities on the West Coast. The facility was constructed to demanding telecom provider standards with 150 pound live load floors, a Zone 3 compliant Seismic Rating, 12' minimum clearance height, 24 x 7 secured access, redundant points of entry for both telecommunications fiber and power, unlimited ability to provide chilled water for air conditioning, diesel storage for 48 hours of operation before refueling, redundant AC and DC power backup, and easy access to every fiber provider that terminates in Portland.

This is also one of the few facilities on the West Coast designed and built to be up and operational 99.999% of the time. This means a total yearly downtime of less than six minutes. The global telecomm provider Tyco spent approximately $40 million in this facility to build a Global Gateway connection to the Tyco Global Network. This facility is home to Tyco’s largest hub on the West Coast and is designed to carry most of the fiber traffic from North America to Asia. Cendix leverages this extensive investment in connectivity to assure outstanding performance and availability for clients.