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Technology Consulting - Representative Projects
  • (Vancouver, BC) Cendix developed a complete web-to-print solution for a company in that is offering custom greeting cards for institutional brokerage clients. The site allows the user to select original photography, customize greeting cards, and then have the cards printed and delivered. This service includes a high-touch offline component to assure the best possible user experience for busy financial executives.
  • (Portland, Oregon) Cendix is providing a complete outsourced information technology environment for an innovative new paint color design company. This environment includes Microsoft Small Business Server, Exchange, Sharepoint, and all the other services required to run the business. Cendix is providing systems, software, and technical resources to deliver a complete hosted solution.
  • (Portland, Oregon) Cendix designed a system that will automate tracking and production for one of the largest contract manufacturing companies in the region. The system automates the process of tracking products through a multi-stage lean cell-based manufacturing process. The system covers all details from inventory and procurement, through production, shipping, and real-time process management.
  • (Various Locations) Cendix developed the Print Shop Portal a web-to-print solution for print shops that serves as a print storefront complete with online ecommerce. This product gives print shops access to on-demand software, online ordering, and real-time job tracking.  The application allows the print shop complete freedom to customize and tune the content.  More information can be found at: Internet Presence Portal.
  • (Various Locations) Cendix developed the Channel Marketing Portal a web-to-print solution designed to automate on-demand one-to-one marketing campaigns and increase sales both online and offline for commercial printers and enterprise marketing. The enterprise uses the portal to post corporate approved templates for direct mail, collateral, logo items, and marketing campaigns; channel partners can select posted items, personalize them, and then route them for immediate production and delivery. The commercial printer offers this hosted web-to-print solution and handles all production and fulfillment.

    The Channel Marketing Portal offers several new break-through features including: a visual editor that creates variable regions (images or text) in PDF templates and then auto-generates HTML pages; online mailing list ordering and management; closed-loop direct mail (direct mail with automated online response and/or fulfillment); automated multi-stage marketing campaigns; automated processing of international and domestic mailing lists; a Web services interface to interact with external applications (inbound or outbound); and an extensive collection of tools & reports for production, billing, customer service and maintaining the portal, pricing, and templates.

    More information on the Channel Marketing Portal: Channel Marketing Portal.
  • (Portland, Oregon) Cendix provides hosting, software maintenance, and application enhancement services for Zairmail (  Zairmail, based in Portland, Oregon, is the leading online provider of direct mail services for small to medium business – the business has over 12,000 registered users.

    Recent Zairmail projects include: migrating the site to a new operating system and database; developing an interface that automates the customization of affiliate sites; creating a custom configuration management system that allows the site owner to easily update ad tiles and other parameters without directly editing HTML; adding online mailing list storage and management; and integrating the site with clients' in-house production and accounting systems.
  • (San Francisco, California) Cendix designed the computing architecture for DevonWay ( that will allow the company to provide subscription-based (Software as a Service - SaaS) enterprise applications for utilities and energy companies.  Cendix designed the architecture, performed demand and scalability modeling, developed a formal RFP, drove the selection of a hosting provider, and helped negotiate contracts. 
  • (Santa Barbara, California) Cendix served as CTO and technical consultant for GetGordon; a multi-medium (email, direct mail, Fax, voice broadcasting, …) marketing automation company (  Cendix provided design assistance, created the production architecture, and guided the development of the commercial service.
  • (Portland, Oregon) Cendix designed a concept-stage system architecture for wireless video advertising networks that will be deployed in urban shopping core parking garage elevators. 
  • (Hayward, California) Cendix designed a concept-stage wireless advertising network to be used for merchandising music sales in “big box” retail stores.
  • (Cupertino, California) Cendix delivered an application for a global software company that automates multi-variable and graphical mail-merge so that the content of letters (such as user group conference invitations) can vary based on the target country of the recipient.  This solution lets the sender vary the invitation language, signature/written name of the sender, or the images based on the destination address.  This type of solution can be customized even further to address a wide range of complex variable data challenges.
  • Cendix has designed and delivered numerous other online applications and portals. Selected examples are provided below.

    • a desktop printing wizard (Print-to-Zairmail)
    • a single page site for ordering letters online (Instaletter)
    • automated postal mail production from external applications (Express Connect)
    • automated delivery of invoices and statements from accounting applications
    • a complete Web site for a paper industry software company
    • a customer reference site for local building contractors
    • a complete Web site for an Oracle consulting company
    • a complete Web site for a boutique investment fund
    • an automated Web site for several UPS stores