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Marketing Consulting - Representative Projects
  • (Portland, Oregon) Cendix performed a Strategic Marketing Analysis and developed a marketing plan for a firm that provides outsourced software engineering resources in Asia. The firm offers a blended model with technical and management resources onshore that work hand-in-hand with offshore development resources to assure high quality software products, delivered on time, with outstanding communication at all levels of the organization. Cendix examined company fundamentals (vision, mission, values, goals, brand, and strategy, historical and current performance); markets and competitors; products, pricing, channels, and promotion. Cendix used this analysis to define a winning “marketing mix”, detailed messaging, and outline specific targeted marketing programs. This analysis was successfully completed using the Strategic Marketing Model designed by Cendix.
  • (Portland, Oregon) Cendix completed a rollout and training scalability assessment for a company delivering compliance software for auto dealerships.  The company was poised for rapid growth based on key new strategic partnerships and they were concerned about their ability to add and support a high volume of new accounts.  Cendix management explored the market, expectations, technology, and current methodology in use; and then recommended an approach that would increase scalability 10x over the traditional approach, and increase Professional Services billings, with minimal additional expense to the company.
  • (Portland, Oregon) Cendix performed a complete assessment of the structure and operation of the marketing organization for a company delivering regulatory compliance software for public companies.  The organization was experiencing explosive growth; however, the marketing organization was not able to effectively support that growth.  Cendix management explored the current organizational structure, interviewed key executives and staff, and then applied industry best practices to recommend a more effective structure and related staffing objectives.
  • (Portland, Oregon) Cendix performed a complete strategic marketing analysis for a company providing tools to manage the discovery process for litigation.  Cendix management researched the market, product offerings, price points, sales strategies, and promotional tools; then delivered a complete messaging matrix, along with go-to-market, channel, and promotional strategies.
  • (Portland, Oregon) Cendix performed a strategic messaging assessment for a company that provides communication solutions to the US military.  Cendix management investigated emerging products and market segments, outlined the dynamics of each market, and then created a system of messages designed to optimize sales within each segment.  This assessment also resulted in a number of recommendations that will further increase the operational effectiveness of this organization as it continues to experience rapid growth.
  • (Portland, Oregon) Cendix was engaged by a rapidly growing provider of medical claims review services to manage the marketing activities of the company.  These activities include: monthly electronic newsletter, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, online informational guides, article placements, new program design, and new product roll-out.
  • (Vancouver, Washington) Cendix is providing strategic marketing services to a long-time provider of software and services to the paper industry.  Cendix management explored market dynamics, customers, products, positioning, and pricing; and then designed an effective sales and marketing strategy for the company including a complete Web site and targeted marketing programs.
  • (Vancouver, Washington) Cendix performed a strategic marketing analysis for a rapidly growing regional Oracle Applications consulting company to crisply define messaging and positioning. Cendix also re-designed the corporate logo; developed a new corporate Web site; and created industry-specific whitepapers and templates. Cendix has also agreed to help energize the online marketing efforts of the company.
  • (San Francisco, California) Cendix defined the messaging, positioning, pricing, and channel strategy for a company delivering on-demand enterprise software for the electric utility industry. Cendix also created extensive financial models, drafted an operating plan, and provided license agreements for the company.
  • (Portland, Oregon) Cendix completed an extensive assessment of the branding, messaging, and positioning of an RFID security company.  Cendix performed a competitive analysis; examined the opportunities and threats confronting the company; analyzed the technical merits of the solution; interviewed customers, employees, and investors; and developed a detailed set of recommendations that included consolidating brands, re-focusing on key markets, and sharpening messages.
  • (Portland, Oregon) Cendix worked through a messaging, positioning, and branding exercise with a local company that develops custom Web sites.  This company has recently experienced explosive growth.
  • (Portland, Oregon) Cendix developed a business plan for an audio advertising network that operates in airport parking lots.  This business has evolved into a profitable ongoing business enterprise.
  • (Portland, Oregon) Cendix developed a business and marketing plan for a company developing a multi-processor operating system for PC’s.  This company was acquired by Microsoft.
  • (Various Locations) Cendix regularly reviews and tunes business plans and provides coaching to entrepreneurs seeking outside funding (public, individual, or institutional).